Angelus Lustre Cream #200

Angelus Lustre Cream #200

Angelus Lustre Cream is the perfect product for hydrating and polishing your leather shoes in one step.

The highly pigmented colors are effective at re-coloring scuffed areas and restoring leather shoes. The neutral cream is a perfect transparent product for any color leather. This simple-to-use cream will add life, protection, and hydration to your shoes for years to come.

Easily apply Angelus Lustre Cream with a wool dauber or small sponge. Once soaked into the leather, the cream dries quickly and buffs off with a soft rag to a beautiful, shiny finish.

Angelus Lustre Cream may also be used on purses, belts, luggage, and tack.

For wet conditions, we recommend an additional treatment with Angelus Shoe Wax.

3 fl. oz / 88 ml

Recommended Color Pairings

Brown - Claire (brown), Rosie Boots, Susie (brown/white)

English Tan - Dolores (brown), Evelyn, Peggy (brown/white), Londoner (tan)

Oxblood - Marilyn (red)

Neutral - non-pigmented. Use on all colors.


Shake well.

Have leather dry and clean.

Apply with soft cloth. Rub well into leather. Allow to dry.

Polish with brush or soft rag.

Finish with dry cloth.

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