Angelus Shoe Wax #400

Angelus Shoe Wax #400

Created in 1907, Angelus Shoe Wax is the finest shoe polish available, perfect for coloring, hydrating, and protecting your leather shoes, boots, purses, and other items.

Rejuvenate, polish, and preserve your leather shoes to keep them soft, reduce wrinkles and cracks, and keep them looking and feeling great for many years. Angelus Shoe Wax is a blend of carnauba wax, beeswax, and other waxes and oils that clean, preserve, water-proof, and restore faded and thirsty footwear. Simply rub on in circular motions, then buff off with a soft rag or shoe polishing brush. 

3 fl. oz.

Recommended Color Pairings

Brown - Claire (brown), Rosie Boots, Susie (brown/white)

Light Brown - Dolores (brown), Evelyn, Peggy (brown/white), Londoner (tan)

Oxblood - Marilyn (red)

Neutral - non-pigmented. Use on all colors.


Remove all dust and dirt from the leather.

Apply Angelus Shoe Wax with clean cloth or dauber - rub well into the leather.

Polish with brush or soft clean rag for high gloss finish.

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