The Pre-Order Basics

We're a little company with big ideas but small pockets. We believe in bringing beautiful vintage shoes back to life, while offering very high quality at an affordable price. The pre-order system allows us to kickstart new styles that we wouldn't otherwise be able to bring to the market.

We believe that the best possible product comes from listening to the community, so as part of each historical shoe style's development we include a consultation process that you can become part of on our Facebook page and our blog. Once you've guided us in deciding what to make, we'll then open up a pre-order for the historic shoe style.

Manufacturing a new shoe style and getting it into stock is expensive! We often have to develop new historically accurate shoe lasts and heel molds, and contend with high materials costs due to the small runs, shipping, and import costs/taxes. So in return for your support in helping to fund the shoe's production we give you a substantial discount, guarantee that you'll be first to receive the new shoes, and our deep and everlasting appreciation in bringing so much historically-inspired-shoe-goodness to the world!

Big Discounts Over Our Retail Price

Pre-orders on new shoe styles will always receive a discount. The discount is usually about $20 off the in-stock price, although this may vary from style to style. The pre-order system allows us to kickstart new styles, and your support is very much appreciated, so the least we can do is guarantee you the lowest price the shoes will ever sell for!

Guarantee Your Pair(s)

Our vintage styles may be limited to a single run of only a few hundred pairs. Those that pre-order are guaranteed their shoes in any size or quantity, but if you wait until after they come in we may not have your size in stock for long. Wait at your peril! Some styles may sell out of less popular sizes in a matter of days after they come into stock, and while we do everything we can to make sure that there's shoes for everyone, we can't always predict demand.  There is no guarantee that a style of footwear will ever be manufactured again, but if we do run a style again we will more than likely run a "re-pre-order".

Pre-orders Are Open For A Limited Time Only

Pre-ordering periods are open for a short time only – usually three weeks. Following the close of this period, the shoes will be manufactured and shipped. This will take several weeks from the time you order – if you have ordered at the beginning of the pre-sale period, you may wait up to 12 weeks for your shoes to arrive at your door. The expected delivery date is always posted on the shoe's product page and we will keep you updated on progress during the manufacturing process, once we know the exact date that they will arrive at our warehouse, and when they're due to ship.

If you have any additional questions about pre-orders then don't hesitate to get in touch! Give us a call on +1 (775) 376-5845, or send us a message.